Welcome to Year 4!

We have a very busy and exciting year ahead of us! This letter should provide you with information regarding routines and expectations for Year 4.


Children are encouraged to read at home every night. Oxford Reading Scheme books will be checked/changed on a Monday and Friday. Records must therefore be completed and returned to school on both of these days please (even if books are incomplete). For those children who have completed the reading scheme, they are able to choose their own reading books but will still fill out the reading record.


Your child will receive homework each week to support their classroom learning. Homework books will be given out each Tuesday and collected the following Monday. Weekly homework will also include reading, times tables and practise with spellings which will be tested on a regular basis (spellings Monday). If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s homework please feel free to contact us. In order to do homework effectively children will need pencils, a ruler, a rubber and colouring pencils. Your support with homework will be a great help.


Kit consists of the school PE t-shirt, navy shorts and trainers or P.E shoes. Football shirts are not appropriate. As some of the work will be outdoors, children will also require a navy jumper and navy jogging bottoms as the weather becomes colder. We do not have spare kit in school so it is essential that children come to school equipped for every P.E lesson. Other P.E events may occur during the week so bringing kit in each Monday and taking it home for washing on Fridays works well and ensures children have the necessary clothing. If children cannot do P.E for a particular reason, letters must be sent in please.

Water/Playtime Snack

As we are a ‘Healthy School’, children are encouraged to bring a full named water bottle to school each day with them so that they can have a drink when needed. This can be taken home each evening to be refilled and returned the following day. Children are also welcome to bring a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat at break time – no nuts please, this is very important due to allergies amongst children and staff. We also have a healthy tuck shop which sells healthy snacks for 50p on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday break times.


Year 4 are learning how to play the recorder. They will have weekly music lessons taught by a music teacher from Egglescliffe Secondary School.

Other Information

Jewellery should be avoided but small studs are acceptable if necessary, although they must be taken out by the child for P.E. If earrings cannot be taken out, children should bring plasters to school to place over earrings during P.E.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to the year ahead!

Thank you for your continued support!