School Uniform

A school uniform helps to create a sense of unity and belonging. It also guards against constantly changing fashions, reduces expenditure, and ensures children have practical clothing for all activities in school. We have tried to be as practical and accommodating as possible, bearing in mind the following criteria – school colours, comfort, safety, suitability for school, ability to stand up to the rigours of the school day, economy, ease of local purchase and parents’ willingness to co-operate.

For these reasons, school dress may be a combination of grey, white and navy. Top garments, school tie, shirts/blouses to be white, sweat shirts/cardigans navy with yellow stripe, and bottom garments to be grey. Clothing is to be as plain as possible. Cotton gingham dresses in school colours are another option for the summer, either navy or yellow as well as grey shorts.

All children will require a complete change of clothing for P.E./Games.

In the interest of health and safety, footwear should be flat lace-up/velcro, bar shoes, NOT trainers. Heavy boots (unless for medical reasons) and high-heeled or pointed shoes are not allowed. For the same reason we discourage the wearing of jewellery, particularly earrings, if children need to wear earrings then only studs are allowed.

Hairstyles should be sensible, no dyed hair or artwork cut into the style in forms of lines or squiggles. Long hair must be tied back for either girls or boys, as long hair hinders concentration on work and helps the spread of head lice. Hair adornments should follow the school colours and not be oversized.

In wet weather or snow, we ask that children who wear wellington boots have a change of footwear, for indoors.

Jumpers, cardigans, tank tops and ties can be purchased from Motif8 either in store (TS17 6AL) or via their website Motif8.

Typical costs for items of school uniform are as follows:

Jumper £14.00-15.50

Cardigan £15.25-£16.50

Tank Top £13.75-£15.00

Tie Elastic £4.00 or 39″ £3.75

PE Kit

All children require PE shoes, navy shorts and a navy T-shirt with the name Junction Farm Primary on the back. These are available from Motif8. Four outdoor games children may wear trainers, and in cooler weather, we recommend a navy hoodie and/or navy track pants also available from Motif8 with school logo on each garment.

For swimming, children need one large towel, 1 small towel, a swimming costume and a swimming hat. If a child has a Verruca, then a guard sock should be worn. Children go swimming as part of the PE curriculum, across the KS2 years until the pupil is able to jump into the pool and swim 25 metres. This is a Government requirement for all primary pupils. PLEASE NOTE – CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SWIM WEARING EARRINGS SO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM GETTING EARS PIERCED WHILST YOUR CHILD IS INVOLVED IN SWIMMING LESSONS.

A pair of thin-soled gym shoes/plimsolls will be required for P.E. lessons by KS2 children.

P.E. kit should be brought into school on Monday in a kit bag, placed on the child’s peg in the cloakroom, and taken home on a Friday for washing. It is a curriculum requirement that all pupils participate in P.E./Games lessons every week.

Lost Property

It is essential that ALL items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name.  Many items go missing at P.E. times and home time, and cannot be identified because there is no name tag for proof.  The school cannot accept responsibility for any losses.  We keep items in a lost property box for a short time, and then if they are unclaimed, they are disposed of.