Welcome to Reception!


Our class teachers are Mr Dalton & Miss Yeoman

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Jackson, Mrs Johnston & Mrs MacDonald


Our current topic is ‘Marvellous Me’ where the children will be learning about each other. We will be looking at the children’s families and how all families are different; what the children are interested in inside and outside of school; our faces and drawing self-portraits. The children will have access to continuous provision both inside and outside of the classroom in all aspects of learning during all of our topics.


Junction Farm follows the Letters and Sounds Programme. It is a fun and interactive way to support children in learning how to read and write. In addition to the Letters and Sounds programme we also use Jolly Phonics actions which represents each sound with an action helping children to remember both more easily.

The children begin Reception with a recap of the alphabet and move onto phase 2 and phase 3 phonics. Your child will receive phonics sound mats to practise at home every week.  For more information and free resources visit: Letters and Sound / Phonics Play

Or, alternatively, arrange a meeting with your class teacher should you have any questions.


Reading with your child is very important. Encouraging your child to share books and making this a positive experience will help on their journey to becoming competent readers.

In the Early Years your child will be given a book from the beginning of Reception. These may be pictures books without words and therefore your child should discuss the pictures and discuss what they see and what they think the story could be about with a parent/carer. As we delve deeper into their phonetical knowledge their flow and love of reading should blossom.

You will also receive a reading record where you can write an informative note on how the child has read. A good example of a useful and specific comment would be:

‘Enjoyed story, struggled with the words, ‘the’ and struggled pronouncing ‘th’

The children will begin guided reading during the summer term.


In mathematics the children will be given a wide range of experiences both indoor and outdoor to develop their skills and knowledge in counting, number recognition, shape, space, measures and pattern.

At home please practice number formation, simple addition, subtraction, counting, time, money etc. and relate these to everyday life.

Home/ School Communication:

Your child will receive homework each week on a Tuesday, this will include Literacy, Mathematics and Topic. Homework and reading books must be returned on a Monday so that homework can be marked and reading books changed.

Your child will also receive a proud cloud book. We would appreciate it if you could focus on your child’s personal targets but also use this book to add other achievements and experiences. We ask that you take pride in these books and update them with your child’s achievements outside of school.

Your child will receive a target every half term and we will focus on this target within school, however home learning is just as valuable and crucial to your child’s development. Please share your Proud Cloud book as often as you wish. We look forward to seeing the children’s amazing achievements outside of school.

Relevant Information:

        • Please label all clothing and PE kits clearly as they can be easily misplaced.

Please bring only water in a clearly named bottle or flask. No other drinks thank you.

Please ensure packed lunches do not contain nuts as we have a number of children with severe allergies.

Children come in through their classroom door every morning and are picked up from the same door at the end of the day.

Children will begin to line up on the main yard with the rest of the school during Summer Term as part of the transition from year 1 to Reception.

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