Curriculum Intent:

  • Geography at Junction Farm is to be well planned and well sequenced using a whole school chronology.
  • Breadth and ambition for all through a range of resources and scaffolding.
  • Whole school approach to teaching Geography, to ensure that we are building on skills, rather than repeating them resulting in children knowing more and remembering more.
  • Enquiry-based learning – allowing children to investigate, consider and reflect.

Curriculum Implementation:

  • Core knowledge and objectives through use of the progression of knowledge document and sequencing of Learning Journeys to ensure progression for all and achievement of composites (end goals).
  • Threads running through all of the curriculum from EYFS – KS2:
    1. Farming
    2. Economics
    3. Physical and man-made
    4. Climate
    5. Transport
    6. Global community
    7. Human impact and environment.
  • Lessons planned for enquiry-based learning, key questioning and with a range of teaching and learning styles. Enriched opportunities in and beyond the curriculum (trips, expert visits, home projects, etc.)
  • National Curriculum followed by all with use of scaffolding to ensure breadth and ambition for all (including SEN, PP, GTMA, EAL)
  • Cross-curricular links through a range of subjects making Geography evident everywhere in school. Local and national studies as part of the curriculum and sequence of learning.
  • Appropriate use of monitoring to ensure Quality First Teaching with opportunity for CPD
  • Support for staff throughout school from Subject Lead and CPD available when needed
  • Learning Journeys for KS1 and KS2 and effective questioning used with priority for formative assessment of children and to inform further learning.

Curriculum Impact:

  • Formative assessment – pupils to be able to discuss information from their Learning Journeys with confidence and enthusiasm for Geography, including enriched vocabulary.
  • Evidence of progression through the curriculum from book and planning monitoring, learning walks and lesson observations.
  • Quality Assurance of work completed throughout school on display and social media – share focused work with parents and governors.
  • Summative assessment – attainment and progression for all through termly data.
  • Aim: Pupils to be able to know more, remember more and be able to do more.

Progression of Knowledge

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Learning Journeys

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