Welcome to Year 2!

This year your children will be working with lots of staff as part of their Year 2 journey. Our class teachers are Mrs Carson, who is KS1 leader and teacher of 2C and Miss Toller who teaches 2T. Working in our classroom we are also lucky to have Mrs Robinson who will be teaching the children PE and PSHE as well as Mr Dunn who will be teaching music. In 2T we have Miss Abbott and across year 2 we will have Miss Briston who will both be supporting children in their learning. Leading EMS 1 we have Mrs Dawson who is supported by Mrs Wyatt.

School Day

The School day in Year 2 starts at 8:50, this is when the doors to your child’s classroom will open. When entering the school, please use the one-way system. There will be members of the senior leadership team on duty if you have any questions. If you arrive early please wait on the MUGA this is to allow parents accessing other questions to pass by safely. The school day ends at 3:10.

Curriculum Important information

Phonics will be a huge focus in Autumn term due to the phonics screening check which will take place in Autumn 2. We will be recapping all the phase 3 and phase 5 sounds taught in Year 1 as shown on this slide. The check consists of a list of 40 words, half real words and half nonsense words, the nonsense words will be shown to your child with a picture of an alien. To help your child at home immerse your child in reading: sharing lots of different types of texts and reading high quality texts to them regularly. You can also Use phonics play www.phonicsplay.co.uk.

By year 2, children should have developed pleasure in reading, motivation to read, an increased vocabulary and an improved level of understanding. This year we are teaching reading through guided reading on a bi-weekly basis. The first week we will have a Guided reading carousel based around a text to encourage independence whilst the class teacher uses this week to read with all children. The next week we will take a whole class guided reading approach through our VIPERS scheme. VIPERS stands for vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequencing. Children should be able to read 90% of the book fluently before moving up book bands. Please read with your child every night of the school week. Please read the same book each day as this really helps with fluency. We will be changing reading books only on Monday and Friday,

By the end of year 2 each child will be also be teacher assessed in their writing and maths. They will be either working toward expected standard, at expected standard or working at greater depth. We teach writing on a 2-week program which leads to a ‘big write’. This year in Year 2 we have lots of fun writing around great high-quality texts such as traction man, the disgusting sandwich and the magic paintbrush. For handwriting we follow letter join handwriting scheme, which you can access at home. Maths in junction farm is taught using a spiral curriculum meaning we teach the same topics multiple times throughout the year building on these each time. We will let you know about these topics each week via marvellous me. This will allow you to support your child’s learning at home. Times table knowledge and number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 are essential to underpinning the mathematics curriculum. Practise of these at home is important to help your child in school you can do this by using Times table Rockstar’s and Numbot.


Homework is an essential part of your child’s education. Homework teaches children to be independent, to take initiative and responsibility for completing a task, and it helps children to develop a sense of self-discipline. It allows you to monitor your child’s progress as well as allowing children to recap on the skills, concepts and information that they have learned in class. This continuous process of recap and application will provide a stronger reinforcement regarding the information and would allow for a stronger retention of information in their minds and make learning more efficient.

All children are required to complete the following each week: reading for 10 minutes every school night, going on TTRS and Numbots at least 3 times a week for 10 minutes, revising and learning weekly spellings and time tables which are sent home half termly. The children also are expected to complete one of the activities on the topic grid and bring this in to showcase at the end of each half term.

There will weekly prises for those children who are accessing TTRS and Numbots frequently. Your class teacher may also send home additional homework, personalised to your child’s progress and ability. Although this is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that your child completes this to help aid their learning in school. Rewards will also be given to each child that hands in this homework.


Kit consists of; a school t-shirt, navy/black shorts, trainers. Children will also need a jumper and jogging bottoms as the weather becomes colder. School hoodies are available from Motif8. Please send your child in full PE kit on PE days. This year our P.E days are on a Wednesday and Friday.

After School Clubs

As usual, there will be many after school clubs starting up. It is important that your child attends any club they have signed up for each week. If they cannot attend for a particular reason, please inform school by phone or provide a written note. Please make sure your child is collected on time. All dates for each club are provided at the beginning of each half term and are payable through Parent Mail. Any questions or queries about clubs please contact the school office.

Playtime Snack

As your child is in Year 2, they are entitled to a free healthy snack each day. We also recommend your child has a water bottle in school to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Year 2 SATs

If your child is in KS1 (Year 2), they will sit official SATs in: Reading and Maths. They will also be assessed by their teachers in science, speaking and listening and writing, but this is known as the teacher assessment rather than an official SAT. There is no set day for SATs but they will take place in May 2022. We will be sending more information about SATs closer to the time. Please avoid booking family holidays around this time as they will not be authorised.

Lost Property

Each year we collect a large pile of clothing that we are unable to give back to the rightful owner due to them being unnamed. Please ensure you name ALL of your child belongings. If you have lost something, you may find it in the clothing bucket in the Year 2 classrooms.


Please remember that all key dates of latest school news can be found on our School Facebook page and website and Term Card. We will continue to update you via Marvellous me and Parent mail if any new dates are added or any dates are changed.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to getting to know you and your children.

Miss Toller and Mrs Carson

The Year 2 Team