Each teacher is responsible for the pastoral care of pupils. All staff aim to provide a caring environment in which children can gain most benefit. We are anxious that parents should feel free to discuss any problems with either the class teacher or the Head Teacher at a mutually agreed time. The school also employs Mrs Hardy as Parent Support Advisor who acts as advisor to parents and children. She is free on a Friday to meet with parents on a 1-1 basis and an appointment can be arranged through phoning the school.

The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher are also involved with the welfare of all the children.

Minor scrapes may be treated at school, but if the child has a more serious accident or is ill, effort is made to contact the parents so that the child can be taken home, or to the doctor or hospital.  It is essential that emergency contact forms are updated when change occurs such as mobile phone numbers.  If a parent cannot be found and medical attention is necessary, the child may be taken to the hospital by a member of staff.

Medication in School

Medication if necessary can be administered during the school day, Medication needs to be handed in at the office and medication forms completed by parents. Medicine will be stored in the Headteachers office in a lockable fridge. Parents must then collect medicine from the office at the end of each day. No medicine will ever be given to children. Asthma inhalers are an exception.  These are stored in classrooms for self-medication with supervision as necessary.  If you state that your child has asthma on the medical form then an inhaler must be provided in school for the child.

If your child requires medicine during the day you are more than welcome to come into school and administer it yourselves.

Stockton Area Health Authority

Given below are details of the School Nursing service which parents should contact if their child has a medical problem and they are concerned about his/her development.  If this medical problem has an educational bearing, for example a speech or hearing problem, parents should contact the Head Teacher, who will advise them as to the best course of action.

Thornaby Family Hub – Tel: 03333202302

Child Health Specialists

The School Nursing Sister is a State Registered Nurse who is experienced in providing health care and advice for school children and their families.  School Nursing Sisters have also undertaken further training in school nursing development and Health Education, as well as specialist courses for the screening of vision and hearing.

The school nurse can advise on matters such as diet, exercise, headlice and other child health issues.

The Child Health Technician visits your child’s school at regular intervals.

During their reception year your child’s vision, height and weight will be checked as part of the Child Health Programme.

The programme is continued throughout the remainder of your child’s school life.

You will be informed of the result of these screening tests, if they are not satisfactory.  If you wish to have further information, please contact the Child Health Technician on 03333202302

Headlice – We rely on parents to inform us if they are discovered, so that we may advise on how to deal with them. We ask all parents in a class to check all of the family so that possible contact can be reduced.