We believe marking should provide constructive feedback to every child, focussing on success and improvement against learning objectives. Marking should help children to become reflective learners and to close the gap between current and desired performance.

Marking should:

  • Relate to learning objectives taught during the lesson.
  • Give children recognition and appropriate praise for the success of their work.
  • Encourage children, by demonstrating the value of their work, thought and effort
  • Give children clear strategies on how they can improve their work
  • Be accessible to children
  • Measure progress against targets, school or national expectations
  • Provide a tool for teacher assessment – diagnostic, formative or summative
  • Help the teacher to evaluate teaching and inform future planning
  • Be manageable for teachers

Summative Marking – usually consists of a ticks and crosses and is appropriate for closed tasks or exercises.

Focused Marking – concentrates entirely on the success criteria of the task. This is carried out once a week in Writing (unless a two week block) and in Numeracy. Examples of where the child has met the success criteria are highlighted in their work and the success criteria at the top of the work are also highlighted. A positive, specific comment is given and a response task is set for the child to complete. Where the child has achieved all the success criteria a task is set which is designed to challenge and move the learning on.

Self-marking – when possible children should self-mark closed tasks, individually, as a group or as a class. They should also be trained to self-evaluate, identifying their own work against the learning objective and success criteria.

Response Partners – children can also be trained to evaluate a partner’s work identifying successes against the learning objective and the success criteria. This enables the children to assess their own progress against others and look for ways of improving their own work. It also generates useful dialogue about the task.

A range of rewards are given, both for excellent work and also good effort.

  • Verbal and written praise
  • Star Points
  • Stickers