Enhanced Mainstream Provision (EMS) at Junction Farm Primary School.

We believe successful education is a partnership between home and school.

It is acknowledged that every child is entitled to access the National Curriculum but that pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may well require highly individualised planning to meet their needs.

The unique pattern of thinking and social behaviour displayed by pupils with ASD is respected at all times. The Enhanced Mainstream Provision recognises that pupils with ASD experience developmental difficulties relating to social interaction, communication and flexibility of thinking and seeks to help pupils address these difficulties whilst supporting their individual needs.

The aim is to provide a social as well as an academic learning experience. The children should have contact with their typically developing peers as well as being encouraged to forge friendships within the provision wherever possible. Support will be provided to ensure that a wide variety of activities and learning experiences are accessible.

The aims of the Enhanced Mainstream School are:

  • To help each pupil to cope with the difficulties posed by the triad of impairments ·
  • To help each pupil to develop the thinking skills to enable him/her to learn as independently as possible and be an active participant in his/her own learning
  • To create a positive, safe, secure and caring environment ·
  • To encourage each child to develop effective communication, social and independence skills and to achieve his/her full potential ·
  • To develop pupil’s strengths and attributes ·
  • To enable each pupil to be and feel part of the ‘school community’ ·
  • To prepare pupils for secondary education

Click the link below to view the EMS Prospectus:
Additional Resource Provision Prospectus (ARP)


(Mrs Crinnion and Miss Coleman)